Advanced Mechanical Devices Inc.

 Advanced Mechanical Devices Inc. was founded in 2006 following the granting of a patent for a very successful, highly advanced core chuck which began industrial service in 2003. The patent holder and company founder, Harry Hope, is an accomplished craftsman and applied metallurgist who holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked as a toolmaker, chief engineer, R&D inventor, Vice President of Engineering and engineering professor. In 1987, Mr. Hope designed the first widely successful roller action torque activated core chuck. More recently, he designed a second generation, optimized core chuck. Unlike the old generation, the modern, optimized design was never constrained by conventional machining. Further, the MD410 has always been dual range (4 inch and 100 mm). By combining uncompromising design principles and expert craftsmanship, Advanced Mechanical Devices LLC provides American made, high strength, reliable core chucks to international industries.